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Spracklin's Hydroseeding, is dedicated to the partnership and satisfaction of our customers, employees and suppliers. As industry leaders we are committed to providing excellence in safe, prompt, knowledgeable, cost effective seeding and erosion control services. Our service is Island wide and also includes Labrador.

Residential, Commercial Hydroseeding and Erosion Control

Spracklin's Hydroseeding., established in 2003, provides residential hydroseeding, Spray-on Erosion Control Blanket, land reclamation and commercial landscaping services to all sizes and variety of projects in the Newfoundland area as well as all of Labrador. Our fleet of equipment is considered the best in the industry, which enables us to complete any project in a safe, cost effective and timely manner. Our knowledge and expertise has made us a valuable asset to the industry. We use high quality, environmentally friendly, certified products including all types of grass blends, therefore, allowing us to apply the best suitable varieties of grasses required for any project.


We take pride in our work, realizing that the end result of a project is a reflection of the owner of that project and ultimately of ourselves. In addition, we guarantee a safe, professionally trained and dependable staff, and quality service on every project.

Comprehensive Safety Program

Spracklin's Hydroseeding is committed to following a full safety program and takes the safety of our employees, other contractors working with or around us, equipment and property damage very serious so that all of us get home safe at the end of our work day. All of our staff is professionally trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of equipment and safety procedures in order to minimize or eliminate any safety concerns.

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